Do you remember the euphoria of playing your trumpet for the first time?
Feelings you won’t ever forget!

KGUBrass trumpet mouthpiece booster is specially designed to improve the characteristics of a standard mouthpiece, which could improve the sound even of an old instrument. Each type of booster provides musicians with the unique enhancement of trumpet's performance. That means you have a range of great solutions and can easily choose the sound you’ve been looking for.

What changes does the KGUBrass booster give to your trumpet? Spectrum Analyzer from Yakiv Cvetinckii

KGUBrass appreciates the personal style of each musician that is why we have developed six elegant and prominent finishes for our boosters. We’ve put all our efforts and expertise to develop the finest trumpet accessories taking into account the need of every musician – from a creative trumpet enthusiast to a professional Jazz performer.



KGUBrass accessories appear as "in stock" according to their availability for an order. We constantly work on keeping most of our items in stock. Boosters (for Bach and Yamaha in all finishes; for others in a RawBrass finish) are usually available for fast shipping. For all other KGUBrass accessories, it takes around 3-5 weeks from the date of the order to be produced.