Do you remember the euphoria of playing your trumpet for the first time?
Feelings you won’t ever forget!

KGUBrass Trumpet Trim Kit is developed with the idea of bringing the art of playing the trumpet to the whole new level. Trumpet valve trim kit instantly reduces undesirable vibrations and energy loss in the standing wave. As a result, you are getting the improved flexibility, attack and stability at each of the dynamic levels. Such effective changes in playing trumpet allow you to discover a new sound, enriched with warmer, more flexible and powerful tones.

When you order a custom trumpet brass trim kit, you receive easy-to-install top and bottom caps, finger buttons (with optional stone inlays) and valve pads. KGUBrass experts paid additional attention to the Trim Kit's appearance. Choose one among more than a dozen models in six elegant finishes to complement your style with delicate shapes of KGUBrass Trumpet Trim Kit. 



KGUBrass accessories appear as "in stock" according their availability for an order. We constantly work on keeping most of our items in stock. Custom trim kits (for Bach and Yamaha in all finishes; for others in a RawBrass finish) are usually available for fast shipping. For all other KGUBrass accessories, it takes around 3-5 weeks from the date of the order to be produced.