Trumpet Custom Finger Buttons

A set of KGUBrass custom finger buttons is a perfect enhancement to your beloved trumpet, whether it is Yamaha, Schilke or Bach. Using them, you'll get the improved performance and response of an instrument, which is a key in reaching better and warmer sound.

A variety of 6 different finishes and 3 main sizes of buttons guarantees the set will suit your style. Moreover, KGUBrass finger buttons are encrusted with real mineral stones; each of them is hand-crafted and has a unique natural pattern.



KGUBrass accessories appear as "in stock" according their availability for an order. We constantly work on keeping most of our items in stock. Custom finger buttons (for Bach and Yamaha in all finishes; for others in a RawBrass finish) are usually available for fast shipping. For all other KGUBrass accessories, it takes around 3-5 weeks from the date of the order to be produced.