Getzen Custom series Bb 2008 Gold body/Bronze bell CUSTOMIZED BY KGUBRASS

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100% Fit Warranty.

KGUBrass accessories fits perfectly to selected instrument's brand or mouthpieces. In case of any issues with matching we guarantee free replacement to correct parts.

Important. Please select with caution model of your instrument. In case if you didn't find needed model please contact us to clarify opportunity make equipment for your instruments.

Introducing professional vintage Getzen Custom MV Bronze bell  trumpet, made in USA in late 2008-2009 

Upgraded and restyled by KGUBrass workshop.


Trumpet: Getzen Custom MV  Bronze bell 

Year of manufacture: 2008

Year of customization: 2019

Serial #: G43564

Bore: ML

Weight: Lightweight 

Finish: KGUBrass Raw Brass Waxing

Valves: Excellent condition

Trim kit: KGUBrass Radiator Bronze Raw  w. natural inlays  Bulls-eye 

Mouthpiece: Included with KGUBrass Radiator Bronze Raw Mouthpiece booster

Accessories:  KGUBrass Leather Valve Guard  and other


Ships in trumpet soft case.