Saxophone Alto The Martin Committee III

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Saxophone Alto The Martin Committee III
We are glad to present freshly restored, original lacquer Martin Committee III alto saxophone.
Serial number 212xxx
Often called simply “The Martin Alto” from the engraving on the bell, this is arguably the best professional horn they ever made, and was certainly it's most popular.
This sax may not be the prettiest around, but the lacquer is original, and it has never been relacquered or refinished. There is still a good amount of original lacquer intact on the upper tube and on the keys. With the fresh pads and set up, this sax is playing up a storm and feels great. It has a quick and lively response, and while it is a very full sounding instrument, it retains a lot of warmth and color in its tone.
It gets loud without sounding blatty.
video by request
Ships in its original case, which isn't a looker with some previous repairs (tape along the edges) but it is functionally still great and all latches work well.
Included: Case and Sax