The goal of our company is to create high-quality wind instruments and accessories that help musicians reach new heights with maximum comfort.

 The company «KGUBrass» was founded by two musicians from Ukraine. They first met in 2004 and that meeting was the starting point, since then the company started to develop.

 At the end of 2011, KGUBrass started production of first custom valve parts for popular trumpet models and since that time our product line has expanded to more than 100 different products and variations such as trumpet trim kits, boosters for mouthpiece and leather accessories.

 KGUBrass works with best retail and wholesale DEALERS in US and EU. The brand became highly recognized and gained popularity among great musicians worldwide.

 Our experience in the musical world provides us with the valuable insights, we take into account our personal needs as performers and turn these needs and ideas into our products.                                


I have had KGU make me several trim kits for my horns. The quality of the kits have been amazing with excellent plating. I have found the pricing to be very reasonable for the product and less costly than the competitors. I would recommend the KGU products to anyone looking for a great products at a reasonable price. 

Doug Lutke: Trim kits

I have now had three kits from KGU. Raw brass, silver plate with turquoise stone and a silver plate Lapiz Lazuli Bach Strad kit. In addition the guys made me a booster to fit my Jet Tone mouthpiece. Nothing was too much trouble and the craftsmanship and finish is outstanding. 

The difference to my instruments response and tone is instant. Great products and great price. Thanks. 

Ian Cottrell

Team KGU Brass, I would like to thank you for the excellent craftsmanship you did on the Heavy Brass Top/Bottom caps with heavy brass finger buttons. When the product came i was immediately impressed by the container it was delivered in. High quality box for a high quality product contained within. I unveiled the trim kit at a trumpet party a few days ago. Everyone was impressed and couldn't wait for me to outfit my Bach Stradivarius with these beautifully made brass trim sets. The sound of my horn took on new life as the slotting of the notes over the entire range of the horn locked in perfectly. The threading fit perfectly like a glove. The quality along with your prices are very reasonable compared to others I've seen...

Daniel H. Campbell. USA: KGU Heavy Brass Caps and Finger Buttons

Hello, I just wanted to say that i am amazed by the work you have done with the raw brass heavy trim kit. It has changed the sound of my Yamaha Xeno completly. Thank you very much, for improving my sound!

Ognjen Cogoljevic, Serbia: Trim kit for Yamaha Xeno